Smart-C, The Most Portable Mini C-Arm – ‘Next’ in Technology

When I first opened up sturdy pelican case I received that had Smart-C inside, I was rather curious what I was unboxing.  Weighing just under 50lbs the case was not heavy enough for a Mini C-Arm I was expecting.

Before meeting Smart-C, I thought I knew all the C-Arms in the market.  I stand corrected.

Smart-C, weighing only 16lbs, is the lightest, easiest, and most versatile Fluoroscopy system I ever seen.  And with 12 years in the industry as ‘C-Arm Guy’, I seen and touched almost all brands & models.  My first impression of Smart-C was that it was straightforward, making it super user friendly!

Many manufacturers often believe more options = better technology.  And with software driven technology advancement, we are starting to see a lot more options and technical settings available to users.

If you ask me, the best way to showcase advanced technology is creating a system that’s designed to work out of box, even without going through a week long training camp.

And Smart-C does just that.


Introducing Smart-C by Turner Imaging.

Created by development team that created popular NOMAD system, Smart-C takes similar user-friendly approach along with focus on extreme portability.  You can fit everything you need for a on-the-go diagnostic or outpatient surgery in a custom pelican case that is designed to be under domestic airline weight limit of 50lbs.

And you can literary hold tablet on one hand and Smart-C on the other hand to be able to use the system freely and if I may use the word, ‘casually’.


The system is a great fit for any providers that travels as well as providers who are looking for one solution that would handle diagnostic & surgical use in one, especially in offices with tight spaces.  This system is proven to be useful at a busy practice as it allows you to bring the X-Ray system to the rooms instead of moving the patients to the X-Ray room, especially with COVID restriction.

This is one of those system that once you start using it, you just don’t want to give up.  At least that has been the response so far.  And it really is an attractive system that almost looks like a high-end toy… that shoots X-Ray…

Either way, I think this system is very impressive and will become a well known product in the market!


Check out video of me playing with Smart-C! (coming soon)

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