New C-Arm on the block, Skan-C

New C-Arm On The Block, Skan-C

Skanray is one of the newest rising stars in the market.  This new system became available at the end of 2019.  While the pandemic definitely put a dent in Skanray’s launch efforts, this new C-Arm, the Skan-C, arrived when providers needed an Affordable C-Arm more than ever!

Introducing Skan-C by Skanray

This Brand New system is armed with advanced technology such as

  • Onboard UPS Battery Backup that runs its system even when there’s a power failure in the building
  • Completely Vacuum sealed Monoblock that offers better performance, less radiation scatter & no oil leaks.
  • Advanced Imaging Processing that allows capturing and processing images at a much lower dose than the competition

This system is packed with amazing standard features that are sure to attract your interest at an amazing value.  With a team of specialists ready to support your system & make sure it’s the right fit for your practice, Skan-C is gaining its footprint in the market quickly.

And with standard features such as America’s Best Warranty of 5 Year Warranty*, Remote Diagnostic, and Vascular Package, its popularity is not surprising.  With its remarkably high performance and customizable fully loaded standard package, its rise in popularity is understandable and expected.


More in-depth review coming soon… stay tuned… ;)

*please inquire for full warranty package

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