Throughout the years, I have learn many different secrets working in the medical field.  Some of obvious things people can figure out and some are tricky things that people would never guess.  And there are kinds of things that people, especially those who buy from us should know but don’t.  As I travel places to places and meet people, I realized that so many doctors and buyers are misguided with narrow pool of information and was never asking the ‘RIGHT QUESTION’.

So I decided to spill the beans.  After debates and long years…. (yes years!) of research, I came to a conclusion that writing these info on a blog would be the best way to keep it private and only let ‘selected ones’ learn of this secret.  If you’re one of those selected ones who clicked on the right link, welcome.  My first series is ‘Ask before you buy’ will cover questions you should be asking when purchasing any X-ray units, especially a C-Arm since that’s my specialty.  And there will always be more things to come.

If you’re here and like what I’ve done so far, I’d love to hear from you.  Whether it’s criticism, suggestion, or request, don’t be shy and click on ‘contact’ button on the menu.

There will be new things here all the time.. who knows?  try hitting ‘refresh’?