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Re-post & Credit guidelines

I’m happy to hear you would like to re-post one of my articles. Please follow the standard guidelines below in any re-posting or referencing of
1. If you’re using a small portion (a paragraph or less), simply give me credit as a reference under the name ( and provide the URL for the article you’re using.
2. If you wish to re-post more than one paragraph from an article (do NOT re-post the entire article), please provide credit at the start or end of the re-post. Quotes must sourced within the article, not at the end to distinguish the section that was quoted. Sample wording: ‘Quoted from; the original article can be found ‘here’. Here must be linked to the original article. You may change this wording to what fits you best, as long as it has same function/meaning and is provided with a link.
3. If you wish to re-post the whole article, please only re-post up to 40% MAX of an article. The article must start by crediting me as the source ‘Re-post from and end with ‘Read more’ or ‘Continue reading this article on, with link to original article.
4. Please do NOT copy or re-post entire articles.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.