Portable X-ray Machine with DR package can cost anywhere from 25K ~ 50K+.

But typically most popular systems that get sold are in 25K ~ 35K range.

In most cases, anywhere we work with will include some sort of installation & setup. Sometimes this can be in person or remote via zoom meeting.

X-Ray machine that’s well maintained can last a lifetime… I have seen systems that are in service after whopping 30 years! But in most cases, generally speak, I suggest expect your X-Ray machine to last about 8~10 years.

Yes, almost everything offered by Jay will come with 1 year warranty. Details of the warranty and what it covers is something we should discuss before finalizing the deal.

Mini C-Arm pricing can vary widely from 25K for older generation system, around 35K~40K for FD (Flat Detector) system, and all the way to 80K+ for a Brand New unit.

Most popular probe is Linear probe in MSK world. And many times you may only need one probe with your system. But based on your application needs, adding probe to your Ultrasound system package is very simple and cost-efficient thing to do at the time of initial purchase.