x-ray Purchase Checklist

X-ray purchase checklist – Ask before you buy

This is X-ray Buying guide Table of Contents.  If you're thinking of buying X-ray machine, this is a must read!  You can see an outline of topics that are being covered  And this page will be periodically updated.  Click on any link below…

Absolute MUST HAVE Fluoroscopy C-Arm for a Lab

There are certain things in life that you really Must Have.  I'm talking about the type of things that you may not 'need' to survive per see... but it makes so much sense that you should have it.  Some examples of these are a cup of coffee…

Smart-C, The Most Portable Mini C-Arm – ‘Next’ in Technology

When I first opened up the sturdy pelican case I received that had Smart-C inside, I was curious about what I was unboxing.  Weighing just under 50lbs the case was not heavy enough nor big enough for a Mini C-Arm. Before Smart-C, I thought…
New C-Arm On The Block, Skan-C

New C-Arm on the block, Skan-C

Skanray is one of the newest rising stars in the market.  This new system became available at the end of 2019.  While the pandemic definitely put a dent in Skanray's launch efforts, this new C-Arm, the Skan-C, arrived when providers needed…

ZEN-7000 and Oscar 15 Quick Overview / Demo Video

Check out what makes ZEN-7000 and Oscar 15 by Genoray one of the Most AWESOME C-Arm in the market! Both system as very similar as it utilizes same software platform (Windows Based) which offers plenty of image storage space, USB ports, DVD…

ZEN-7000 Sample Images

Check out the C-Arm that took these images

C-VID: C-Arm Tech Monitor

 The C-VID is a retro-fit tech monitor for the surgical C-ArmC-VID is a revolutionary device to make it easier for your tech to do their job, easier and faster!  By having a separate display of the image, your tech knows exactly what you're…
ZEN-7000 Surgical C-Arm

ZEN-7000 Performance C-Arm

ZEN-7000 (z7).  This brand new C-Arm provides competitive image you saw with easy to use interface at amazingly affordable cost.  Its features and image quality is comparable with OEC 9800 but instead of buying a 10+ years old unit, this unit…