X-ray, x-rays, and xray…

Most people have an idea about X-ray.  Whether the idea is one of fear, attraction, or fascination, most of us have a feeling toward it.  But how many of us really know what goes on behind X-ray?  How to recognize an X-ray unit?  How to know what’s good or what’s not?  And most importantly, if you’re a part of healthcare industry, how to buy an X-ray?

This blog is created to share personal ideas and unbiased opinions of professionals working in the medical field.  Please remember, this information is considered trade secret and you must treat them as such.  And if you do learn a thing or two and gain benefit from this blog, don’t forget to say tell us about it.  We’d love to hear from you.

After all, this blog is a place where honest opinions are shared with no strings attached.  :)

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