What Are Digital X-Rays? Are They Safer Than Film X-Rays?

digital x-rays

In the dynamic field of medical technology, we are constantly seeking ways to improve patient care. One such innovation is the portable X-ray. But how does it work, and is it safer than traditional film X-rays? Let’s explore.

Understanding Portable Digital X-Rays

A portable X-ray uses digital radiography (DR), an advanced form of X-ray inspection that instantly produces a digital radiographic image on a computer. An electric motor and a battery power these devices, making it easy for radiographers to operate and move them around with minimal effort.

The Workflow of a Portable X-Ray

The process of using a mobile X-ray is relatively straightforward. Upon arrival at the client’s facility, the technologist removes the machine from the transport vehicle and brings it inside on wheels. The updated technology includes digital detector plates and a tablet that works seamlessly with the existing portable X-ray machine

Digital vs. Film X-Rays: A Clear Difference 

The benefits of digital over traditional film X-rays are numerous and significant. It is easy to capture, distribute, and store digital copies in a format readily accessible on computer screens across a hospital. This technological advancement not only optimizes workflow but also accelerates the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Digital options provide numerous significant benefits over traditional film X-rays. They can be quickly and easily captured, distributed, and stored digitally, making them readily accessible on computer screens throughout a hospital. This technological advancement streamlines workflow and expedites the process of diagnosis and treatment.

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Safety Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are increasingly becoming the preferred choice in the medical field for their efficiency, versatility, and, especially, their enhanced safety. Compared to traditional film X-rays, digital devices expose patients to up to 70% less radiation, making them a safer option for frequent use.

Digital X-rays offer immediate feedback. This feature allows instant retakes if required, eliminating the need for multiple exposures because of poor image quality and minimizing the patient’s exposure to radiation.

digital x-rays

Improved Security with Digital X-Rays

In the aspect of security, digital has a clear advantage. Unlike film X-rays, they are not susceptible to physical damage or loss. These X-rays allow for secure computer storage, further enhanced by password protection.

Innovations in Portable X-Rays

Portable X-rays in dentistry have allowed for a more patient-centered approach. For example, a dentist could use a mobile X-ray device during a home visit for elderly or disabled patients who may find it difficult to travel to the clinic. The dentist can easily take high-resolution images of the patient’s teeth right on the spot, allowing for immediate analysis and diagnosis.

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