Absolute MUST HAVE Fluoroscopy C-Arm for a Lab


There are certain things in life that you really Must Have.  I’m talking about the type of things that you may not ‘need’ to survive per see… but it makes so much sense that you should have it.  Some examples of these are a cup of coffee in the morning, 2nd monitor for your PC (especially those who work with data), a Bigger car when you have multiple kids, and finally a Smart-C if you’re running laps.

In the past 6 months, I had the opportunity to work with these brand new mini C-Arm called Smart-C.  At my first glance, this was a cool system as I shared in a previous post about Smart-C.  And these are great new Mini C-Arm for any practice that’s looking for small fluoroscopy especially if they want portability.  But for companies that use cadaver labs to promote & train your products, there’s simply nothing better.

Zimmer Biomet & Exomed already owns Smart-C system and use them regularly in their labs…

With Smart-C, this won’t be you…

This all comes down to 3 major benefits as a lab organizer:

  1. No More Freights.  We all know how much trouble freight shipping can be.  Don’t get me wrong, these transportation companies work really hard to get things to your destination on time and as promised… But the second you have tight deadlines & delays, things can go sideways very quickly.  It’s just the nature of the freights system.

    Well, no more!  You can now ship your Mini C-Arm along with all of your other supplies using FEDEX or UPS Ground/Express.  Or, simply have your team fly with the Smart-C.

  2. Technology Ready.  Most Surgical Centers or Conference Rooms have some sort of audio/video setup.  Smart-C comes with Displayport / HDMI ready and it can display amazing image quality on all the big screen TV setup.Plus, Smart-C has a very long operational distance from its Tablet Display, so you can literary go from station to station with the Smart-C and new images will show up on the big TV.
  3. When does Mini-C become too portable?

    Portability. (Small & Light)  I know everyone talks about portability and mobility.  Well, with Smart-C, it takes to the extreme.  The system itself is only 16 lbs… And everything you need goes into a durable military-grade case that weights right under 50lbs.  Yup, it can be tagged as normal luggage if you’re traveling.

    Sized at only 25x20x15, this case can fit in the trunk of most cars, making the headache of transporting a fluoroscopy Mini C-Arm a thing of the past.


Smart-C is many things.  It’s a great Mini C-Arm for surgeons who wants something other than the typical Mini C-Arm they are used to.  Don’t get me wrong, with an optional positioning cart, it doubles as a typical Mini C-Arm; taking its position within the operation room.  But Smart-C is so much more, especially if you have multiple locations or need true transportation ability.  And nothing, I mean nothing will compare to the convenience of Smart-C when it comes to fluoroscopy need for labs (& sports teams).

It’s almost like Smart-C was built to make your life easy.

Almost… :)


Check out Smart-C in the real life:


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