2022 Section 179 for Medical Device – 100% BONUS DEPRECIATION ENDS 2022

2022 section 179

2022 Section 179 for Medical Device info has arrived…

This is it.  We are finally arriving at the last year of 100% Bonus Depreciation that started in 2017.  And this year (2022) is the last year you can take the full 100% Bonus Depreciation.  Come 2023, bonus depreciation will go down to 80%… and this means you’ll be losing out on the tax benefit.  To be 100% honest, this depreciation has renewed over and over for a few years now… including at the end of 2022, but so far, I have not seen much movement to renew this bonus.

So unless congress magically works on extending this, 2022 will be the last year for full 100% depreciation.

2022 section 179

For 2022 Section 179 for Medical Device, you’re talking about any kind of X-ray, Imaging or Diagnostic equipment including an X-Ray Room, Portable X-Ray system, DR Panel upgrade, Ultrasound, C-Arm, and Big Irons like CT and MRI.

With it being the first full week of December, it’s a great time for you to reach out to your CPA and ask about 2022 Section 179 for Medical Devices and find out how much benefit this can be to you.

After that, it’s time to reach out to the Imaging Expert to discuss your equipment options and I would be happy to help you find the right equipment or give you feedback if I’m unable to help.

Without a doubt, year-end is always an exciting time thanks to Holidays but also because of all the Tax related complications that come into factor.  All I can wish everyone is: Happy Hunting!

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