What’s included in a DR package

DR Package

When purchasing a DR package (or DR retrofit package), it’s important to understand what a Digital Radiography (DR) system quote includes and what you need.  Sometimes, when you are looking for a DR system, you can just get a DR panel pricing, with nothing else included.  This would be a good fit if you already have a DR panel at your office and just replacing malfunctioning hardware.  But if you’re upgrading from Film or CR or setting up a new X-Ray room, you need a DR package.

When we talk about a DR package, it should be both Hardware and Software components.  Typically your DR package should include the following:

  • package checklistDR panel with warranty
  • Software that can acquire images from DR panel
  • Software license that can be used to view images at other PC within your office (count how many rooms you’d like to be able to view images from and compare to how many licenses are included)
  • PC or Laptop that can run as an acquisition station with a warranty that allows you to keep a hard drive (HIPPA compliant)
  • On-Site Installation & Training
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting Support
  • Backup of your images in an off-site location or cloud

A true DR package from a reputable company should include all of the components above.  And with such a package, as long as you have an X-ray source that’s ready to go, your office should be up & running before the technician leaves the office.

Often cheaper options include limited software or remote training only but skip On-Site Install & training.  This can be up to the user and their comfort level in manipulating their own system set up to make the new panel fit (it’s not always a perfect fit)  And while most DR system is plug and play where you shoot X-ray on it and you’ll get an image, to fine-tune the panel & software configuration to get the images you want often takes some tweaking with an experienced technician who understands the system and what you’re looking for.


Standard DR packages no longer cost 50~60K like they used to… But even with all the new semi-automated software & guides, having the good support & proper installation and configuration is still important to make sure you are up & running right away.  With any X-ray Imaging system, it’s all about the support.  Since without proper support, your equipment is just an expensive paperweight.

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