C-VID: C-Arm Tech Monitor

 The C-VID is a retro-fit tech monitor for the surgical C-Arm


C-VID is a revolutionary device to make it easier for your tech to do their job, easier and faster!  By having a separate display of the image, your tech knows exactly what you’re looking at and able to adjust accordingly without turning & moving around to see the monitor.

Here are 5 advantages of C-VID:

1. Easy setup – Anyone can install it in less than 10 minutes!
2. Better image quality – you can adjust the image on the fly.
3. Easy and inexpensive repairs!
4. No installation or repair downtime!
5. Cheaper – backed by a full 5 year replacement warranty on our clamping device and a full 1 year replacement warranty on our display monitor… your department will save money and time!

We got models available for OEC, Phillips, and Genoray!

MSRP: $3,499

Package includes the following:
1 C-VID clamping device
1 HAMI 9.7″ display monitor
1 25′ BNC/VGA cable
1 25′ Power cable
1 set cable management system

Interested?  Would like to buy one?
Send us an inquiry below.

zen-7000-with-C-VID-corrected C-Vid-font view

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