Mini C-Arm Price Range Guideline

Mini C-Arm Price Range Guideline

Mini C-Arm price range can vary from 20K ~ 90K range. Typically pricing is based on the year and condition of the system, and there are few new players in the market like Smart-C that can shake up things a bit. There’s also Mobile DI by Orthoscan, a Mini C-Arm, but Mobile DI can only use this for diagnostic purposes, which differs from other Mini C-Arm in the market.

Mini C-Arm price under 30K (Used & Refurbished)
Hologic Insight 2
Orthoscan UC
OEC 6800

Mini C-Arm price 30K ~55K (Refurbished)
Hologic Insight FD
Orthoscan HD
Orthoscan FD

Mini C-Arm price over 55K (NEW & Refurbished)
Hologic Insight FD
Orthoscan Mobile DI
Orthoscan FD Pulse
Turner Smart-C

Mini C-Arm price over 75K (NEW)
Orthoscan TAU line
OEC Elite MiniView
Hologic New TBA (new product coming soon)
*List is based on personal knowledge of popular models and does not represent a full listing of all available C-Arms on the market. Feel free to make suggestions or corrections using comments below. Updated on 4/6/2021

Some units in there like Smart-C or Mobile DI are designed to be portable where you can bring it to multiple locations as needed. Depends on your use and future plans, sometimes an extra cost for those may make sense. Or if you’re looking to do more in the future, perhaps even getting a full-size C-Arm might be in the cards. Check out: Best C-Arm for Orthopedic Office – Mini-C or Full Sized C-Arm


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