Why you need Brand New C-Arm

Imagine you walk into a computer store, would you look for something with new, advanced technology?  Or would you ask to see a laptop that was built 10+ years ago?

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In fact, how many things do you have at home that are 10+ years old that you use every day for functional reasons? (not including pictures, or antiques that’s on display)  What about your office?  Do you use computers that are 10+ years old?  Outdated with square monitors?  With floppy disks?
Technology changes… So why are you even considering buying a C-Arm that was built when we used to use Motorola Star TAC?
The most common reason probably is Budget / Price.  And who can argue when a New System from a Brand Name can cost 150K and up?  But there are better options.
So why should you work with NEW C-Arms?  Why does it matter whether you work with something that’s new or old?  Is there a benefit of working with the NEW system besides it being more flashy?
  • Newer System is designed to reduce radiation: Pulse Mode, Radiation Reduction Mode
  • Newer System provides advanced features such as ‘on-demand’ noise reduction filter
  • Larger image storage: 5 million image storage vs. limited 200 image storage
  • Digital Format: includes USB port & easy compatibility
  • Longer Warranty – 5 Year Full Parts Warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Advanced Support System: Remote Diagnostic + Remote Software Update!
A newer system can offer better protection, safety while offering so much more advantages & more advanced features.  With all these advantages, choosing to go with a Brand New is a no-brainer.  And before worrying about new systems with such advanced features & benefits costing an arm and a leg, it is my job and pleasure to introduce the alternative Brand New C-Arms such as Skanray or Smart-C systems.
While Brand New C-Arm may cost a bit more than popular refurbished OEC, it comes with so many new features and expected to last so much longer.  But then once again, I like new technology and consider myself as an early adopter.  But one thing for sure, adapting to new technology as always gave me that advantage in whatever I did.
  So the question is… would you be showing off your BRAND NEW C-Arm or 15+ year old C-Arm?
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