How to maintain your C-Arm Imaging Equipment during COVID-19 Season

Maintain Your C-Arm Imaging Equipment During Covid-19 Season

Many non-urgent healthcare facilities are currently operating remotely or closed due to COVID-19 lockdown.  If you’re part of a facility that’s currently not operational or have paused your procedures, that means many of your regularly used equipment is now sitting there, idle.

And all imaging equipment shares one trait: they need to be regularly utilized, especially the more complicated, large-scale units.

We have all heard the stories of someone turning on their car after a few months of non-use to find the battery is dead or some of the parts failing.  Large medical equipment such as a C-Arm is no different.  Regular usage is just as important as regular maintenance.

Here are few potential issues if your C-Arm is left alone too long:

  • The C-Arm up/down component is often composed of pressurized oil that lifts the column up and down. If this component is left unused for too long, oil can congeal which could break the column.  It’s recommended to maintain functionality by using the up/down component at least once a month (or more frequently), by simply raising the column all the way up then all the way down.
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    The system battery maintains its capacity and life by keeping it charged. If the battery is left to drain until it’s completely dead, it can reduce its capacity to fully charge or fail earlier than its expected life cycle.  Best way to maintain optimal battery life is to charge it up before it drains.  Preferably at least once a week by plugging the system in overnight.

  • Nearly all modern C-Arm equipment have some sort of computer within its system. And these computers have a coin battery that helps remember date and time.  In most cases this battery is rarely used and can last many years.  But if the system is off and left unplugged, it could result in this battery draining and dying.  Typically this won’t cause an issue with your system’s core function, except for time and date settings.  If you’re in an area where a power surge doesn’t happen, keeping the system plugged in would prevent this issue.
  • When storing C-Arm, be sure to pull the C frame all the way back and lowered. Storing the system extended or high position can cause strain on the C frame.
  • Any lubricated area or joints should be moved around every week or two if possible, to prevent any lubrication from congealing or drying out.


Regular maintenance, even simple ones like the above can help your C-Arm system remain in good, working condition and prevent a rude awakening when you return to your office with busy schedule ahead.

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