Excited to Buy Outdated Electronics? (C-Arm Technology)

Excited to Buy Outdated Electronics? (C-Arm Technology)

When is the last time you walked into an electronic store (or shop online) and thought, I’m so excited to buy a laptop or camera with old technology with minimum warranty because that’s exactly what I want?  Probably never!  In fact, I would be there to look for something awesome with new technology with awesome warranty (many electronics now come with 2 year warranty) that works well and exceed my expectations.  When it comes to C-Arm Technology, I tend to look for the same things.

I completely understand how people get used to something they’ve been using for a long time… such as your favorite mug or team jacket you wore since back in the day.  But when it comes to electronics & technology, we tend to think a bit differently.  Who do you know that still uses StarTAC flip phone?  Or once super popular Nokia block?  Or those bulky laptop with Pentium I processor that weighted a ton?  Not likely.  In fact, I’d be very surprised if anyone still uses them.


Somehow, even though it takes a lot more work for us to adopt, most of us have moved onto smartphone instead of continue to use old, familiar, comfortable StarTAC.

So why do we not behave the same way when it comes to Life Saving and Essential Medical Devices?  We hear about medical advancements & new technology all the time on the TV or at seminars.  Yet for example, the most popular C-Arm in the market is still OEC 9600 & OEC 9800 which are anywhere from 15 ~ 25+ years old.  C-Arm Technology when those were born only had option for bulky CRT monitors.  And they are analog system which doesn’t know what USB is.

Next time you’re in the market for a medical equipment, maybe ask if there’s another option that has newer C-Arm technology.  Maybe see what’s out there that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?  Maybe you can end up getting a system like ‘ZEN-7000’ by Genoray which is known as ‘the Most Advanced System in the Market’ with advanced C-Arm Technology that no one else can compete with.

But what do I know.  I’m just a C-Arm guy.

It all boils down to this: which of these 2 C-Arms would you pick?

c-armsC-Arm Technology








Check out available C-Arm Technology you could be getting! (coming soon)


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