C-Arm Comparison: OEC 9800 vs ZEN-7000 vs OEC ONE

C-Arm Comparison: Philips Zenition 70 VS OSCAR 15 FD

GE OEC 9800 is undoubtedly the most popular C-Arm at least for the past decade.  OEC ONE came as as GE’s compact solution and more affordable price range.  Here’s how they really stack up against each other & ZEN-7000!

Brand & ModelGE OEC 9800Genoray ZEN-7000GE OEC ONE
X-ray Generation15kW Rotating Anode15kW Rotating Anode2.5kW Stationary Anode
Anode Heat Capacity300,000 HU300,000 HU76,000 HU
kV Range40 ~ 120kV40 ~ 120kV40 ~ 110 kV
Pulse Rate1, 2, 4, 8, 15fps5, 15, 30fps1 ~ 12pps

X-ray Category: Who Wins?
Too close to call between OEC 9800 & ZEN-7000 as they both have 15kW tube with 120kV Power

Detector9″ or 12″ II9″ or 12″ II9″ II
Resolution (more pixels the better)1 k x 1 k1 k x 1 k1 k x 1 k
FPSUp to 15 FPS recording30 FPS
Display MonitorDual 16″ DisplayDual 19″ Display27″ Monitor

Detector Category: Who Wins?
ZEN-7000 has edge with standard 30 FPS display and recording

Free Space31″30.94″30.70″
Depth of Arc26″ | Super C 33″28.35″26″
Orbital Rotation90/25 (overcast) degrees | Super C 90/55 degrees90/45 (overcast) degrees 90/30 (overcast) degrees
Panning Motion20 degrees+-12.5 (25 total) degrees25 degrees

Physical Spec Category: Who Wins?
Depends.  OEC Super C has slightly better specs than ZEN-7000 but without Super C option, ZEN-7000 has better overcast rotation!

Advanced FeaturesOn-screen keyboard, Bolus Chase, Cardiac, Motorized optionNetwork Capable (Windows), Remote Control Diagnostic, Virtual Collimator, Adjustable Low Dose ModeSmall Foot Print (no Cart) Touch Display
Storage400 images (ESP)up to 4~5 Million images100,000 images
OutputPC Diskette, Thermal Printer, DICOM (optional)DVD, USB (JPG or BMP or DICOM), Thermals or HP printer, DICOMUSB,
Warranty & Support12 Months5 Year Full Parts Warranty + 1 Year Labor Warranty
LIFETIME Phone & Remote Control Support!
1 year warranty


Which do you think is a winner?  Which would you get?  Tell me your thoughts below!


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