Biggest Question on C-Arm Table – Headrest or Rectangular Top?

Hardest decision I make everyday is ‘What to eat for lunch’.  Mainly because I’m not so excited to choose between small number of options near me.  When it comes to equipment purchase, there’s one question that’s just as daunting to buyers as choosing between boring options for lunch.

Should I get headrest or rectangular top on my C-Arm table?

This is difficult decision for one reason.  It’s something that no one rarely think about until their sales person asks to complete their order.  Often customers are not prepared for this particular question nor what the difference are.  So, here we are, about to make this decision easy for you.  Ready?


Headrest: After long deliberation and thought process, most customers will end up going with table with Headrest.  Because it’s what people would call ‘Normal Table’ and it’s typically what people expect when we’re talking about C-Arm table.  Headrest at the end of the table makes it easy for clients to lie down with their face down, comfortably.



Rectangular:  If headrest is considered normal C-Arm table, what’s rectangular table for?  Well, rectangular table does have it’s place in the market, but it’s typically used with spine positioning system that can be used to position spine in very specific ways needed for certain type of surgery.  Just make sure to order spine positioning kit along with your table as it won’t automatically come as a set. (unless you already have one)

Full Disclaimer: Pictures used on this pages are of CFPM300 & CFPM400 tables by Oakworks.  Oakworks manufacturers many different C-Arm table models based on your need.  Their model numbers 300 & 400 represent different movement available on that particular table.  CFPM300 table offers lateral tilt movement which is the most desired movement after up/down movement, making it the most popular model available by far.

Options.  Here are few different options to consider when ordering a table.  Believe or not, there are so many different options to a table which I won’t even try to list on this post.  But here are few popular upgrades:

  • Thicker table pads for comfort
  • Larger caster to make it easier to move
  • Foot switch (system comes with hand switch)
  • Arm boards & Straps, typically used in surgical suite.

There you have it!  You should be now ready to answer the ‘trick’ question: ‘Rectangular or Headrest’?

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