C-Arm Spec: Split Tank vs Mono Tank

There are 2 different type of X-ray tube in terms of physical dimension is concerned.  Split Tube & Mono Tube (aka MonoTank)

All C-Arm will have its anode located in the tube housing, but location of high voltage generator & cable can be different which is what creates this difference.  As the name suggests, Mono Tube has Anode, Generator & Cable all in one tube housing while split tube has Generator in the body of the C, separated, with high voltage cable that connects them through Main Cable.


Who uses what method?  Comparison based on FD C-Arm available in 2019

Mono Tube TypeSplit Tube Type

If you see the attached image, you can see C-Arms on the left has tubes that are slightly bigger.  Ones on the right has slightly smaller tube.  The difference essentially is whether there’s generator below the anode or not.


So… Which is better?

There’s really no apparent advantage or disadvantage to either design.


Some like Split Tube better…
People who like split tube says it can dissipate heat faster because it’s not feeding each other heat but with active cooling, this isn’t much of an issue.  They can also argue since split tube has smaller tube, it makes it easier to maneuver but as long as you have diving board table, that makes no difference since space under the tube is dead space anyway.


Some say Mono Tube is better…
People who like mono tube would say it’s design eliminates need for long high voltage cable which is an advantage.  Split tube requires a high voltage wire within main cable that connects C and body.  This CAN be an issue for aged system as high voltage cable does not like to move or flex which is inevitable with normal use of C-Arm.


How much bigger is it really?
So we measured tube size of OEC & Oscar 15.  And it turns on OEC tubes which looks smaller due to it’s cone/pyramid style shape, it only smaller by 1/2 inch.  Yup, that’s not a typo.  We’re talking Width & Height difference of not even once inch of a difference!  And when it comes to length, OEC tube was actually bigger compare to Oscar 15 tubes!


What do you think?  Which type of tube do you think is better?  Share your thoughts & reasoning below!

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