C-Arm Comparison: OEC Elite CFD vs Oscar 15 FD

Here’s comparison review of GE OEC Elite CFD and Genoray’s Oscar 15 FD.  Both system features Flat Detector panel instead of II and comes with lots of advanced capabilities and close competitors.  Let’s see how they measure up on key specs!

Brand & Model OEC Elite CFD Genoray Oscar 15 FD
X-ray Generation 15kW Rotating Anode 15kW Rotating Anode
X-ray Cooling Rate 85,000 HU/min 100,000 HU/min
kV Range 40 ~ 120kV 40 ~ 120kV
Pulse Rate 4, 8 15 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 (To be added Summer of 2019)

X-ray Category: Who Wins?
Too close to call.  Both equipped with 15kW tube, they’re essentially the same thing.

Detector Flat Detector 21 x 21cm (8.26in) or 31 x 31cm (12.20in) Flat Detector 26 x 26cm (10.24in)
Resolution (more pixels the better) 1.5 k x 1.5 k 2.5 k x 2.5 k
Pixel pitch (smaller the better) 135.3 um / 198 um (31cm) 100 um
Display Monitor 32″ Color Display 43″ Color Display

Detector Category: Who Wins?
Oscar 15.  Oscar 15 comes with higher resolution Detector.

Free Space 790mm / 31.2″ 800mm / 31.49″
Depth of Arc 670mm / 26.5″ | Super C 840mm / 33.0″ 730mm / 29″
Orbital Rotation 90/55 (overcast) degrees 90/60 (overcast) degrees
Panning Motion 20 degrees +-12.5 degrees

Physical Spec Category: Who Wins?
Too close to call.  OEC Super C is slightly better than Oscar 15 but it’s regular C is smaller than Oscar 15.

Advanced Features On-screen keyboard, Bolus Chase, Cardiac Network Capable (Windows), Remote Control Diagnostic, Virtual Collimator, Adjustable Low Dose Mode
Storage 40,000 images 4~5 Million images
Output DVD, USB, Thermal Printer, DICOM DVD, USB (JPG or BMP or DICOM), Thermals or HP printer, DICOM
Warranty & Support 12 Months 5 Year Full Parts Warranty + 1 Year Labor Warranty
LIFETIME Phone & Remote Control Support!


Which do you think is a winner?  Which would you get?  Tell me your thoughts below!


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