MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner (Densitometer)


The BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni portable bone density scanner / densitometer (ultrasonometer) is the most affordable, professional solution for early detection of osteoporosis.

Easy to use and Portable

  • The MiniOmni is reliable, accurate, non-invasive for the safe monitoring of bone density.
  • Small and portable
  • Weights only 2 pounds
  • Fits into small hand-held carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • USB connection to any Windows™ XP~7 computer or laptop
  • Software updates

Where can it be used?
The Sunlight MiniOmni is the BEST for use in any physician office, medical clinic, pharmacy, annual checkup center, mobile provider, or other retail venue.

Proven Accuracy

  • One of the most accurate QUS portable bone densitometry systems.
  • MiniOmni uses the Sunlight Omnipath™ quantitative ultrasound technology that has been proven in thousands of Sunlight Omnisense installations worldwide since 2000.
  • Compared within 2% accuracy to a DXA.
  • Equal in accuracy to the Lunar Achilles.

•State of the art software technology.
•Easily connects by USB directly to laptop or desktop.
•Radiation Free.
•Extremely compact (roughly the same size and weight as a hard cover book).
•Non-Invasive test (use wrist for scan not heel and no need to remove a shoe).
•No sanitary issues.
•Comfortable for patient.

The MiniOmni includes:
+ MiniOmni unit
+ Power and all needed cables
+ Probe holder
+ Quality test tool
+ Measurement tools (pencil and distant measurement)
+ Arm position tool, Gel & wipes
+ Carrying strap
+ User Manual & Software CD
+ Carrying Case
+ One year manufacturer warranty

+ Detailed COLOR reports enable immediate diagnosis, prescription and/or referral.
Reports are color coded with WHO-compliant T-score and Z-score results and saved in the system, making it easy to see individual patients’ results history and to modify treatment plans.

MSRP: $7,995
FREE SHIPPING with all online orders!
U.S customers ONLY.  Please contact us for international orders

Sorry, we no longer carry this product line.


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