ZEN-7000 User Based Technical Guide

ZEN-7000 Surgical C-Arm


Z7; ZEN-7000 Surgical C-Arm

Click on any links below to download manuals/guides.  All links will open in new tap/window and most of times it will be in PDF file format.  Please report any errors or requests using comments below.  Thank you.


User Manual – E-copy of manual you got when you bought the unit.
ZENIS software manual – Guide on how to use software (right monitor) of z7.

How to guides

How to check Main Board & Operational Panel (OP) versions – When you work with a technical on the phone, they will often ask for main bd and OP version.  This pdf will show you how!

How to resolve Power switch issue with PC – Use this manual when PC does not turn on automatically after pressing ‘on’ switch

How to resolve printer issue – Got SONY UP-D897 printer but having trouble making it work?  Follow these steps and you’ll be set!

How to troubleshoot front/back movement getting stuck – Is your unit getting stuck while traveling to front and back?  Try these simple troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue.

Software Updates

How to update ZENIS software – Use this guide to update your ZENIS software (right monitor) on your ZEN series C-Arm

Download ZENIS software (version 2.25-2015.04.15) – This is for ZEN-7000 ONLY, it will NOT work for ZEN-2090P.  Be sure to click on ‘How to update ZENIS software’ link above for step-by-step instruction with pictures!


More to come…  If you have an idea or request, please leave me a comment.  I’m here to help and this database will only grow with your help and feedback!

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