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x-ray Purchase Checklist

X-ray purchase checklist – Ask before you buy

This is X-ray Buying guide Table of Contents.  If you're thinking of buying X-ray machine, this is a must read!  You can see an outline of topics that are being covered  And this page will be periodically updated.  Click on any link below…

ZEN C-Arm Swallow Study Videos

ZEN C-Arms can be used to record 30FPS video for Swallow Study.  Whether you're using barium, yogurt, water, or potatoes, you can expect to see clear video in high-resolution with ZEN-7000 or ZEN-2090P.  ZEN-7000 comes with 30FPS cine loop…
ZEN-7000 DSA Sample Videos

ZEN-7000 DSA Sample Videos

Wondered what ZEN-7000 can do with full Vascular package?  See it for yourself in this DSA sample video playlist!