J’s Spice BBQ Rub

J’s Spice BBQ Rub

J’s original Spice BBQ Rub!

What’s special about this Spice BBQ Rub?  Besides the fact it’s PK original, it has no Salt and Mustard, popular bases for many bbq rubs.  Yes, you can make delicious Spice BBQ Rub without any salt!

So what’s in this?

It Contains: Paprika, Black Pepper, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Cumin, Cloves, Allspice, Cayenne pepper, Chili pepper


The abundance of Paprika along with other peppers gives a nice orange tint to this spice.  This spice does come with a bit of heat but to be honest when properly used, you won’t get spicy flavoring from this, due to counter-acting earthy tone spices included in the mix.


How & when to use this?

This Spice BBQ Rub goes very well with big meat, like Brisket, Tri-Tip, Steak, Ribs (beer & pork) and more…

For Smaller Meat or Poultry.  Rub lightly for thinner meat (steak & ribs) or poultry.  For smaller meat like pork chops, ribs or steak, do a light rub, perhaps only on one side to keep the meat from being over-seasoned.  This also goes very well with lamb!

Especially for Poultry, it can work well but only use very light coat or it could end up making the bird too spicy…

Over-Use at your own risk, this can be spicy if used too much


For Bigger Meats.  For bigger meats, putting on a nice coverage would yield beautiful bark & flavor.   You can do a heavier coat for thicker meat such as brisket or tri-tip for optimal flavor.  

See gallery below for examples in pictures…


This spice was made by a person who loves allspice and is also not supposed to eat a lot of salt… Also, unlike many rubs & spices that use mustard, that was not an option since the wife does not like mustard, period.  So creation was attempted to create a Spice BBQ Rub without any salt or mustard, which can be challenging.  End result is a rub that focuses on spices (peppers) and earthly tone created by cumin & Allspice that compliments meant beautifully!


What’s Next?  Eventually, I’m looking to have 3 different BBQ Rub recipes.  One that’s a bit sweet BBQ style and the other… I haven’t decided yet.. something with a bigger flavor… spicier?  Feel free to comment with your suggestion!


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