Press Release: JayXray Empowers Anaheim Hills Podiatry Group with Cutting-Edge Smart-C Equipment

Anaheim, CA – JayXray, in partnership with Televere Systems, a renowned supplier of medical imaging equipment, is thrilled to announce the successful sale and implementation of the advanced Smart-C with a transportation stand at the Anaheim Hills Podiatry Group. Dr. Jacob R. Jensen, D.P.M., selected this state-of-the-art equipment and cited Jay’s fast and personalized training as one of the main reasons for choosing the company as his supplier.

Dr. Jensen noted that the Smart-C equipment will significantly enhance the services offered at his practice. “With this new piece of equipment, we can now perform stress radiographs, fluoroscopic guided injections, and in-office fluoroscopic guided procedures,” he said.  “Moreover, we can provide offsite radiographs for patients who are homebound or living in assisted living centers.”

Jay’s superior service also extends beyond the point of sale. The company offers remote support, swift on-site response times, comprehensive service hours, and clear escalation procedures to ensure the uninterrupted performance of its C-Arm equipment. These features and Jay’s commitment to customer education exemplify the company’s dedication to fostering a more informed buyer community in the medical imaging field.

Integrating the Smart-C machine will positively impact patient care, improving in-office diagnostic and therapeutic options. Dr. Jensen believes that this investment will benefit not only his patients but also the broader community.

Looking ahead, Dr. Jensen sees this cutting-edge equipment playing a crucial role in the future of his practice. “The field of medical technology is rapidly developing, and the Smart-C machine equips us with more minimally invasive in-office options guided by fluoroscopic imaging,” he explained.

JayXray proudly serves the medical community with its high-quality products and services. With a decade of experience in the medical industry, the company is committed to empowering doctors with the tools they need to provide patients with the highest level of care and insight into their health.

About JayXray: JayXray (by Jay) is a trusted provider of diagnostic imaging equipment specializing in X-ray units and C-Arms with 15+ years as an Imaging Expert.  The company offers training, education, and technologies that improve patient care and streamline medical practices. For more information, visit

About Anaheim Hills Podiatry Group: 

The Anaheim Hills Podiatry Group, led by Dr. Jacob R. Jensen, D.P.M., strives to enhance patient health with innovative foot and ankle care. The group uses JayXray’s Smart-C equipment to provide minimally invasive in-office options with fluoroscopic imaging. This approach enhances patient care, offering the community comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. For more information, visit

Press Contact:

Jae Perez-Kim


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