JayXray is your top source of advanced medical imaging equipment, offering a range of stationary and portable X-ray machines to meet your needs. Our high-frequency X-ray systems provide superior image resolution and accuracy, and our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the right system for your facility. With Jayxray, trust in the highest quality medical imaging equipment available.

Portable X-ray Machines for Disaster Areas

One of our most popular products is the portable X-ray machine—a game changer in medical imaging technology. This innovative machine delivers high-quality imaging right where it’s most needed, making it ideal for emergencies and disaster areas. Our portable X-ray machines are compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making them essential in emergency response scenarios.

X-ray Systems for Home Care

We also offer stationary and portable X-ray systems for home care settings. These machines provide convenient imaging for patients who require medical attention outside of a hospital setting. Our machines offer home care providers a more suitable option through their portability.

Portable X-ray Machine Cost

Despite our advanced features and capabilities, we pride ourselves on making our X-ray machines affordable for all healthcare providers. Our team understands healthcare facilities’ financial constraints, so we offer flexible payment options and financing plans designed to fit your budget.

Stationary and Portable X-ray Systems Selection

At Jayxray, we offer diverse portable and stationary X-ray systems to meet your needs. We commit to providing our customers with the latest technology and delivering the best imaging results.

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X-ray purchase checklist – Ask before you buy

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