JayXray provides high-quality medical imaging equipment, including portable X-ray machines such as mini C-Arms, C-Arms, and mobile C-Arm devices. These medical technologies continue to evolve, with new C-Arm machines entering the market regularly, providing advanced imaging capabilities.

What Is a Mobile C-Arm Machine?

A C-Arm machine, also known as Mobile C-Arm fluoroscopy, with the most popular name, GE OEC-Arm, is a medical imaging device to get high-resolution X-ray images in real-time. These machines consist of two parts- an X-ray source and an Image Intensifier or Flat Detector on a C-shaped arm.

A mobile C-Arm machine is a portable C-Arm that can be moved from one location to another, typically within the same building. This feature makes it highly versatile and helpful in various medical settings, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, and interventional suites.

What Are C-Arm Machines Used for?

Surgeons and other medical professionals use C-Arm machines for surgical procedures and other interventional medical techniques that require real-time imaging guidance. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and cardiovascular professionals commonly use them to visualize the placement of instruments, guide wires, and implants.

Smaller machines like mini C-Arms enable medical professionals to assess and diagnose injuries and perform surgery in smaller areas, typically arms and legs. 

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Top 5 questions on ZEN-7000 &

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