JayXray provides high-quality medical imaging equipment, including portable X-ray machines such as mini C-Arms, C-Arms, and mobile C-Arm devices. These medical technologies continue to evolve, with new C-Arm machines entering the market regularly, providing advanced imaging capabilities.

What Is a Mobile C-Arm Machine?

A C-Arm machine, also known as Mobile C-Arm fluoroscopy, with the most popular name, GE OEC-Arm, is a medical imaging device to get high-resolution X-ray images in real-time. These machines consist of two parts- an X-ray source and an Image Intensifier or Flat Detector on a C-shaped arm.

A mobile C-Arm machine is a portable C-Arm that can be moved from one location to another, typically within the same building. This feature makes it highly versatile and helpful in various medical settings, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, and interventional suites.

What Are C-Arm Machines Used for?

Surgeons and other medical professionals use C-Arm machines for surgical procedures and other interventional medical techniques that require real-time imaging guidance. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and cardiovascular professionals commonly use them to visualize the placement of instruments, guide wires, and implants.

Smaller machines like mini C-Arms enable medical professionals to assess and diagnose injuries and perform surgery in smaller areas, typically arms and legs. 

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x-ray Purchase Checklist

X-ray purchase checklist – Ask before you buy

This is X-ray Buying guide Table of Contents.  If you're thinking of buying X-ray machine, this is a must read!  You can see an outline of topics that are being covered  And this page will be periodically updated.  Click on any link below…
C-Arm Buyer’s Guide

How to figure out what C-Arm I can afford, C-Arm ROI

Recently I bought a paint sprayer and I wanted to spend about $100 on it.  I know very little about paint sprayers.  Yet, I had a magic number of $100 in my head and I ended up finding one for $109.  Maybe I was lucky, or maybe I have amazing…
Mini C-Arm Price Range Guideline

Mini C-Arm Price Range Guideline

Mini C-Arm price range can vary from 20K ~ 90K range. Typically pricing is based on the year and condition of the system, and there are few new players in the market like Smart-C that can shake up things a bit. There’s also Mobile DI by Orthoscan,…
Rise Of Stationary Anode C-Arm – Power Vs Efficiency

Rise of Stationary Anode C-Arm – Power vs Efficiency

I would be the first one to say, up until last year, ' Don't even bother with Stationary Anode C-Arms with 2~5kW tube since it lacks power'. In fact, I even wrote an article about it: Rotating vs. Stationary Anode on C-Arm  I was always curious…
Best C-Arm for Orthopedic Office

Best C-Arm for Orthopedic Office – Mini-C or Full Sized C-Arm

Some are easy... If a pain management doctor is looking for a C-Arm, we'd recommend a full-sized C-Arm.  For a hand specialist, a Mini C-Arm would be the obvious choice.  But in between, I have learned that many orthopedic offices are not…

Smart-C, The Most Portable Mini C-Arm – ‘Next’ in Technology

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New C-Arm On The Block, Skan-C

New C-Arm on the block, Skan-C

Skanray is one of the newest rising stars in the market.  This new system became available at the end of 2019.  While the pandemic definitely put a dent in Skanray's launch efforts, this new C-Arm, the Skan-C, arrived when providers needed…
Maintain Your C-Arm Imaging Equipment During Covid-19 Season

How to maintain your C-Arm Imaging Equipment during COVID-19 Season

Many non-urgent healthcare facilities are currently operating remotely or closed due to COVID-19 lockdown.  If you're part of a facility that's currently not operational or have paused your procedures, that means many of your regularly used…

Biggest Question on C-Arm Table – Headrest or Rectangular Top?

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How to Understand Equipment Financing

One of the most confusing secrets of equipment purchasing is equipment financing.  Unlike mortgages or other tightly regulated industries, medical devices have fewer restrictions on how the loan is setup, which means there are more options…
C-Arm Comparison: Philips Zenition 70 VS OSCAR 15 FD

C-Arm Comparison: Philips Zenition 70 vs Oscar 15 FD

Here's comparison review of Philips Zenition 70 which is very anticipated model of Philips and Genoray's Oscar 15 FD.  Both system features Flat Detector panel instead of II and comes with lots of advanced capabilities and close competitors. …
Order C-Arm Equipment

When should I order equipment for my procedure room? C-Arm, Table, Monitor & etc…

One of the often asked question is 'When should I order equipment?  I'm not opening for another 2~3 months!' The EASY answer is as soon as possible. If your construction has begun, it's time to make the next big decision, imaging equipment…